Design Seeds roots

the following are images from my original color journals.
these journals are from when i was working at Ford in the mid nineties.

those familiar with Design Seeds know they are the culmination of
17 years experience working in color design and forecasting. the concept
of the Design Seeds blog is based on my early color journals from when i
worked at Ford in the color & trim department in the mid nineties. i
would travel the world, attend shows, and journal my creative process
in sketchbooks.

i thought it would be fun to
share with you the original journals that inspired the new look of Design Seeds. you will see my penchant for color chips, transparent tape, and
scribbled notes echoed throughout the design of the site.

i have also included in this post a photo of my call-outs and a sketch to show where this process has and can lead to.

these are the roots of my years of working with color. i am grateful to be able to share my voice and views on color with you through the Design Seeds site & my personal blog.

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