what’s that color?

what's that color?


One of the cool things about Design Seeds is that folks use Seeds color inspiration for a *variety* of projects  including design, fashion, wedding planning, crafts, and home decor. the challenge for many is being able to match Design Seeds to their preferred medium. i create Seeds by individually mixing each color. because i create them digitally, i have made the HEX codes available for those interested.


to find out the HEX code … simply mouseover the color swatch you like in “see Similar Colors,” and the HEX reference will appear. you can then work in your preferred program with the HEX code, or convert it with an online converter such as WorkingWithColor.com.




WHEN IT COMES TO MATCHING DESIGN SEEDS TO PAINT COLORS, fabrics, yarns, beads, and more … I ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO MATCH THE DESIRED SEEDS color TO THEIR PREFERRED BRAND “BY EYE.” TAKE YOUR SMART PHONE TO THE STORE to COMPARE THEM. if you have a printer that is decently calibrated for color, take a print out. if you are looking for a paint match, i suggest you also bring paint swatches home with you and view them in your home lighting and compare them to Design Seeds on your computer.


the Design Seeds Color Almanac (available as a PDF or ebook) also includes HEX codes for all colors in the book.


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  • Jen

    Thank you for the inspiration; the blog is so gorgeous and beautifully done.

    Makes me want to color every inch of my world!! ;)

  • lex

    what if the swatch i want the code for isn’t in the side bar? like for the palettes with more than six colors?

  • jessica

    hi Lex…you can download the palette and pull that info for whichever swatch you wish to have the exact RGB/HEX codes for.

  • jessica

    thank you Cameo Jo! …i am happy to hear you discovered Design Seeds & my blog, and grateful to be able to offer you inspiration.

  • lex

    thank you Jessica!

  • jessica

    thank you Jen … appreciate your kind words!

  • Joelle

    I cannot find the update that tells me how to get the color i want for the paint technician at Lowe’s. Please point me in the right direction. Thank You.

  • katie

    I’m afraid I’m still confused. When i go to the paint shop, what color code are they looking for – pantone, rgb, or hex? I don’t see a way to convert every color from rgb or hex to pantone or am I missing something? thanks, I LOVE your site and images!

  • Maria

    Hi Jessica I am an sports apparel designer and travel a lot I have tons of great pics from my home in Australia to Volcanoes in Maui, Santa Fe, europe etc I ld love to share these with you free of charge email me and I will send you a sample. Love your work well done regards Maria

  • Jennifer

    I love your colors, so beautiful! Like Katie, I’m a little confused. Can I go to the paint shop & give them the rgb # & they can make the color from there? I was trying to find your updated post on how to do this, but couldnt find it. thanks so much!!

  • Mitzi

    I love your site! I wish I could get the colors in your picture to match my Kona fabric colors….maybe one day?

  • Shelly R.

    I have just become acquainted with your website. Is there a way to do a search on your website or Pinterest of the color palette names you give them, such as “Winter Chirp”?I write down certain ones that I like but can’t figure out how to do the search for them so I can go back & look at them.Thanks & I greatly appreciate your artistic talents!

  • jessica colaluca

    thanks so much Shelly!
    you can do a Google Image search and it will pull up all the Design Seeds palettes with that particular title.
    someday with the next site update, I will look into including the option to search by title.

  • Shelly S.

    I look forward receiving your design seeds every day. I am into beading and think the combinations would make beautiful jewelry, even on my unprofessional level. I seem to remember seeing books you had put together showing a lot of the design seeds do you still have them? You are certainly inspiring.


    • jessica

      thank you Shelly…appreciate your comment & kind words!
      there are several Design Seeds ebooks available (check out the “shop” page on the Design Seeds site)

  • Emma Kate Morse

    Jessica, is there a way to get the HEX codes from an iPhone..?

    • http://design-seeds.com jessica

      sorry … not that i am aware of Emma

      • Emma Kate Morse

        Jessica, by chance, I figured it out! You go to the “see similar colors” area and hold down on the color. The options to copy, open in new tab, and open should pop up. At the top of that little box is the URL, which should have the HEX code at the end!

        • http://design-seeds.com jessica

          wonderful … thanks for sharing Emma!