for all who love color

it is going on one month since the relaunch of the Design Seeds site, and i write this post a bit overwhelmed – definitely humbled – that the passion project i began nearly 6 years ago has grown into the Seeds of today.


keep in mind as you read on, i am one woman in Madison, WI … i am the only person who creates and runs all of Seeds (all the content, Fresh Hues, and all of the social media). that said, as in all good stories … it takes a village. after falling through a rabbit hole and landing in this wonderful profession, this “village” community includes blogging colleagues, supporters around the interwebs, and loyal readers. i take none of this for granted, so the following is not just a status update on Seeds, but a share of how when you have the fortune of all of the above + a healthy dose of *crazy* to go all out for your dream … some pretty cool things can happen.


the wonderful and humbling revelation from the past month since the relaunch of the site? the following illustrates the breadth and depth of Seeds roots …




Design Seeds receives 2.5 million pageviews per month. folks spend *a lot* of time on the site exploring … over 6 pages deep on average.


more humbling?


the following list is the top 10 cities for Seeds readers:




the global diversity does not end in these top ten … check out the list for 11 – 20 :





what does this mean? well for me … it shows how universal the love of color is. it transcends language. i believe color is actually a universal language of its own. it also means for me that what i thought was a semi-myopic, semi-self indulgent effort (after all … who is obsessed with color or cares about my talent as a designer specializing in it?) … welp … far far more than i expected. with having underestimated all that, i am beyond *GRATEFUL* for your interest and support which far exceed my expectations.





with the relaunch of the site, Seeds has also evolved from being a one woman operation to a global synergy where folks can now contribute their talents through #SeedsColor. through #SeedsColor, i am receiving photo submissions from around the world including Australia, Italy, South Africa, and Sweden. this new dimension to the Seeds site has created a connection with you all that has exceeded my hopes as well. there is a magic in this global synergy that feeds me creatively, and hopefully inspires you that much more through Design Seeds.


so simply, and failing words to express the depth of my gratitude … thank you all.  i look forward to where this new leg of the journey takes Seeds.


“all the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.”