i am excited to announce that i am now accepting photo submissions for Design Seeds!


photo submissions are being accepted exclusively via Instagram. folks can submit photos by using the #SeedsColor hashtag. if your submission is used in creating Seeds, you will receive attribution with a link back to your original Instagram post on the Design Seeds site (attribution is stated directly below the inspiration, next to the palette title).


only photo submissions via Instagram are accepted. you must be the copyright owner of a submitted photo … please do not submit another person’s work (an image you found elsewhere on Instagram or the web). by submitting your photo, you are granting permission for a Seeds palette to be integrated with the image and shared on the Seeds site.


thank you all for your interest in sharing your amazing work and photographs … i cannot wait to see your inspiring and colorful photos!!!



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the gift of inspiration


Color Almanac Gift Certificate


interested in giving the gift of inspiration this holiday season?

why not gift the Design Seeds Color Almanac to your friends, family, or colleagues who love color? the Color Almanac is $9.99 and available as an ebook or PDF. interested in a preview? the first 30% of the book can be viewed HERE.


when giving the Color Almanac as a gift :


1) download the Color Almanac gift certificate (click on the image above for the full size certificate)
2) copy and paste the download link (from the email you received from your ebook purchase) onto the space provided on the certificate
3) print the certificate and trim off the excess paper
4) enclose the gift certificate in a card or gift wrap


ebook downloads are tracked and limited … you need to make an individual purchase for each book you will be gifting.


thank you for taking time to read about how you can gift the Design Seeds Color Almanac! wishing everyone a wonderful season enjoying time with friends and loved ones.


Design Seeds Color Almanac

Design Seeds Color Almanac

al· ma· nac

a handbook, typically published annually, containing information of general interest

col· or  | al· ma· nac

a handbook containing inspiration for all who love color


The Design Seeds Color Almanac has been a passion project that I am thrilled to finally make a reality!


The Color Almanac is packed with inspiration exclusively from my photography and includes trend insights, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and color reference codes. All of this goodness is compiled into an inspiration handbook by my own two hands, with a heavy amount of TLC .


Another exciting aspect of the Color Almanac, it is the first Design Seeds ebook offered in the PDF format, making it available for more readers on various devices.


You can buy the ebook (and view an extensive preview) on Blurb … and purchase + download the PDF on Sellfy.


I hope you enjoy the Color Almanac and find serendipitous inspiration for your projects, or to simply lift your spirit!


press pause


I wanted to share I am “pressing pause” on Fresh Hues until a few major projects are completed. Although it’s a bummer that I will not be able to create some fresh *brushstrokes* or *word* posts for awhile, the cause of this needed break is quite good.


a Design Seeds site refresh is underway (stay tuned … a new, clean, modern look to the site will be launching), and i am working to complete the new Design Seeds book. with having had an awesome experience self publishing, i have chosen to stay independent while taking the content of the book “to the next level.”  there is a bit more information and teaser on “the book” page of the Design Seeds site.


So as I am in my inspiration kitchen cooking up all these new projects (with the help of a wonderful designer and developer for the new site), please know that the “pause button” is only pressed for the short term.


***I will continue to create the 4 posts per day for Design Seeds … only Fresh Hues will be paused***


As always, thank you for your incredible support of the sites and my work. I look forward to the reveal of the new site, launch of the book, and the fresh inspiration I will be creating for Fresh Hues!


inspiration evolution

via @designseeds on Instagramsucculent spectrum | design seeds


via @designseeds on Instagram

mineral tones | design seeds


i took a big personal step with Design Seeds today … for the *first time ever* i am using my own photos to create palette inspiration! i am still relying *heavily* on purchasing the licenses for the images i use, but it is an exciting “next step” in my creative process to merge my personal Instagram inspiration with Design Seeds.


not following me yet on Instagram? i would love to connect with you there! you can find me HERE.


insta love

designseeds on instagram


this past week i have been considering how i wanted to grow as a designer and blogger. it is easy to become complacent with how one does things when they are going well. i have found that it is at these times it is most important to challenge myself to grow creatively and consider how i want to evolve as a blogger, this way i can tap a passion i have not explored, and it offers more freedom as i am creating proactively (verses as being reactive).


the first announcement is that this coming this Wednesday, a whole new look of *brushstrokes* will be launched. i am thrilled to be unveiling the new design soon!


next is that i will be launching new weekly features, and regularly posting on Instagram. the image “i am a wildflower” above is a hint for one weekly feature debuting this week. ***i will be creating and sharing much of this content exclusively on Instagram*** a challenge to myself is to engage on Instagram *far* more, and that inspired my thoughts on creating exclusive content. i have struggled in how to find my own voice in the quickly growing network, while offering something that is unique. after much pondering, i have decided it is an opportunity to share more about what i find inspiring, my aesthetic, and peeks into my process. i would love to connect with you if you are on Instagram. you can find me HERE.


Finally, i have also challenged myself with spending more time engaging on twitter. i have found twitter feeds in general are filled with so much advertising, self promotion, or celeb news … i struggle to find interesting or thought provoking content. to help contribute in spreading great content, i have committed myself to retweeting at least one tweet i find inspiring a day. to help out my feed over there (who i follow), i am constantly searching for great folks or profiles. do you have any favorites? i would love any comments or tweets suggesting who you find inspiring on twitter. if we haven’t connected there yet, you can find me HERE.


thanks for taking time out of your day to catch up on what i am up to. i appreciate the support of wonderful readers of Design Seeds and Fresh Hues … hope you all have a wonderful start to the fresh week.


summer in wisconsin

jessica colaluca





*jessica colaluca


we are fortunate to have settled on the border of madison, wi. we live the best of two worlds … close to downtown, but living on the edge of country that is breathtakingly beautiful.


it’s that time of year where my “head shots” needed to be updated for press packs and such. for those who don’t me, i have what could be termed only as an “allergy” to cameras (when i am on the subject side of the lens). to feel more comfortable, i chose to have the photos taken in the countryside that i drive through everyday.


i’m sharing with you a few of my favorite spots. these horses are right across the road from my daughter’s camp, and the barn is at the entrance. the country highways are endless rows of crops and corn this time of year, and the geometric patterns they create are mesmerizing. the wildflowers overtaking roadsides are untamed and simply beautiful. The other few shots are outtakes of me standing on the edge of a cornfield. Gathering wildflowers helped distract my attention from the fact that there was a camera aimed my way.


when folks ask me why we chose to put down roots in Madison, i think these snapshots offer a little more insight into why i became so smitten with it here just over 6 years ago.