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Design Seeds … Volume IX

Design Seeds Volume IX, Part 1


Spring has sprung & so has a new Volume of Design Seeds ebooks!


Part One of the series focuses on { global } and { creature } color inspiration from the Design Seeds site posted this past year. these two categories contain so much of my personal favorite inspiration, I had a blast creating the book.


In Part Two of this Volume, I have compiled palettes that were inspired by the four seasons. This is the first time I have published a complete book dedicated to all the seasons, and i love how the sections flow taking the viewer throughout the changes in the year.


Stay tuned as I plan to add even more books to Volume IX in the coming weeks.


These first two books of the series are now available in the Blurb bookstore. Click on the images to click directly to the store, and preview a portion of the books. All ebooks are compatible with iBooks.


Design Seeds Volume IX, Part 2