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Design Seeds Color Almanac

Design Seeds Color Almanac

al· ma· nac

a handbook, typically published annually, containing information of general interest

col· or  | al· ma· nac

a handbook containing inspiration for all who love color


The Design Seeds Color Almanac has been a passion project that I am thrilled to finally make a reality!


The Color Almanac is packed with inspiration exclusively from my photography and includes trend insights, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and color reference codes. All of this goodness is compiled into an inspiration handbook by my own two hands, with a heavy amount of TLC .


Another exciting aspect of the Color Almanac, it is the first Design Seeds ebook offered in the PDF format, making it available for more readers on various devices.


You can buy the ebook (and view an extensive preview) on Blurb … and purchase + download the PDF on Sellfy.


I hope you enjoy the Color Almanac and find serendipitous inspiration for your projects, or to simply lift your spirit!


press pause


I wanted to share I am “pressing pause” on Fresh Hues until a few major projects are completed. Although it’s a bummer that I will not be able to create some fresh *brushstrokes* or *word* posts for awhile, the cause of this needed break is quite good.


a Design Seeds site refresh is underway (stay tuned … a new, clean, modern look to the site will be launching), and i am working to complete the new Design Seeds book. with having had an awesome experience self publishing, i have chosen to stay independent while taking the content of the book “to the next level.”  there is a bit more information and teaser on “the book” page of the Design Seeds site.


So as I am in my inspiration kitchen cooking up all these new projects (with the help of a wonderful designer and developer for the new site), please know that the “pause button” is only pressed for the short term.


***I will continue to create the 4 posts per day for Design Seeds … only Fresh Hues will be paused***


As always, thank you for your incredible support of the sites and my work. I look forward to the reveal of the new site, launch of the book, and the fresh inspiration I will be creating for Fresh Hues!